Rebel Railway Supply Company offers a full line of quality signal products and has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and procurement of signal products.

Rebel Railway Supply Company is an approved manufacturer of signal parts for two major signal suppliers and transit line operators. Our Quality assurance program is ISO 9001 compliant.

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 Wanted: M23 & 5F Switch Machine Cores & Scrap Relays

Wayside Signal
A: Mast, Platforms, Ladders, & Bases
B: Replacement Hoods, Backgrounds, & Snowshields
C: Replacement Bulbs and LED signal arrays  
D: Signal Sign Brackets
E: Numeral and Letter Plates

Signal Bases
A: 4 and 5 inch Split Bases
B: 4 and 5 inch Junction Box bases
C: 4 and 5 inch Double Junction Box Bases

Galvanized Steel and Concrete Foundations
A: House and Case
B: Signal
C: Hardware

Grade Crossings
A: Flasher Assemblies
B: Flasher Light Heads   
C: Hoods and Backgrounds
D: Junction Box Crossarms
C: Extensions and Elbows
D: Replacement Mast
E: High Wind Guards
F: Gate Lamps  
G: All Railroad Crossing Signage and Mounting Hardware

A: Terminal Wrenches
B: Crimping Tools and Wire Strippers
C: Bond Welders and Molds
D: Bonding Drill Bits

Track & Circuit Hardware
A: AAR Harware    
B: Wire Termination (terminals)
C: Terminal Blocks  

Signal Wire and Cable
A: Signal and Case Wire
B: Underground Cable
C: Bondstrand

Track Connection
A: Splicing Sleeves    
B: Retaining Clips
C: Plug Bonds
D: Weld Bonds
E: Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Tubing
F: Staples
G: Ground Rods and Grounding Material
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Paige Electric

Paige Electric offers a complete line of Wire and Cable to fit any need. Call for competitive pricing on Armored Cables, Belden Products, High Temperature (Tefzel), Portable Cable, Power Cables, Traffic and Transit Signal, Welding Cable, Aerial cable, and much more.

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